Productive day


  • we’re running WordPress now,
  • the map is moved,
  • the forum is moved,
  • some basic content is in place,
  • I made a spiffy new banner from the Cathedral (probably the most recognizable landmark),
  • we’re running MySQL on the backend now,
  • I updated the map marker and premium member scripts to use MySQL,
  • We ran with 30 users for three hours.  It was amazing!
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I moved to a RAM disk yesterday.  Performance issues have been resolved entirely.  In a stress-test today, I had 30 users logged in without a hiccup.  It’s pretty easy to see how a server with more memory and better CPU could support 60-100 users.

Currently I am limited only by bandwidth: the package we have right now is $150/mo for 130KiB/sec upload, but latency issues when the upload is as little as 75% saturated (sigh, as much as 3 seconds ping time to mean that the ISP has temporarily put us on the $300/mo package with 750KiB/sec upload, which is nice.  With 30 users, the server did a pretty steady 300KiB/sec up.  So we could easily support more users if I could find a way to partially fund it.

Subscriptions will help, if I can find the right combination of carrot, stick, and price.  It doesn’t seem to be the price so much as the concept of paying a subscription, or donating, that people have trouble with.  So I’m aiming for $2/mo, which is pretty comparable to iphone apps.  I only support paypal at the moment.

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Experiences running a minecraft server

Minecraft multiplayer is fun, but playing it quickly grows old.  Without the challenges imposed by server-side health, enemy mobs, and the tempting, easily-available /item spawn command, it doesn’t pose a whole lot of challenge for a server admin.  Running the server is interesting, though.

Today, I’m working on moving the backend configuration to MySQL out of flat files.  That part is done.  I wrote a script to parse the text files and insert them into tables, restarted the server, and everything seems pretty okay, with the exception of some duplicate entries in the groups table, and some leftovers in the user table. I’m rewriting the “contributor” script, which will promote users from “regular” to “member”, the premium rank.

2 subscriptions so far.  Rolling in the dough!

Still to do: move to WordPress, swipe a theme from mcau, add Google adsense ads to the global WordPress template, and then fix the Paypal registration script.  Currently it doesn’t renew subscriptions properly.

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sleepy rat

sleepy rat

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#3: “digestive track”.

#4: “for all intensive purposes”.


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things that bug me

#2: How, in Star Trek, the transporters are never used to their full tactical capacity.

In any area where you have transporter interdiction control and adequate transporter authentication (eg, your base that the Klingons are currently assaulting with sword-wielding infantry), you ought to be able to use those transporters in a defensive capacity.

A transporter could easily ‘beam’ key chunks of someone’s brain outside of their head.  An infantry assault on a fortified position would be suicide.


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Things that bug me: #1

#1: people who say “reign in” or “free reign”, when they mean “rein in” or “free rein”.


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For science!

This is a WordPress implementation, mostly paired with another, to make sure that I can easily create multiple blogs on this server with a single installation.  The Debian package required a little bit of tweaking to make it work properly (it assumed that and would be two different sites), but here it is.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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